Web Design and Development 2020 Trends

Web design and development 2020 trends research shows that the number of active websites is almost billion. With the advancement in technology, the web designs dominating our screens are changing too. Companies are seeking looks that sell their ideas because everyone knows that the design of the website influences a customer’s opinion on the brand or its product.

Contemporary websites provide businesses with branding opportunities to interact with potential clients. By merely making use of plenty of visual tools to deliver their audience a captivating story about the brand.

Exciting and Visually Inspiring Web Designs Trends

There is a growing emphasis en route for 3D graphics and hand-drawn 2D illustrations as they give a modern vibe to the screen. Micro animation combined with custom images and illustrations helps to catch the attention of visitors. They can be used as an additional tool to text creates a fun site that’s attractive.

Liquid Animations

Liquid-style web design with a water-like animation movement is the basic physics of fun. Usually, liquid comes in several states, but when it comes to web design, it is not restricted to one customary shape.  Designers are stumbled upon unusual solutions by playing around dense colors.  The naturalistic web design is going to work for all-inclusive scenes because it gives a unique outlook to the website with striking liquid effect background embedded with décor. The tip is to set the right speed of the movement to ensure fluidity and smoothness for the utmost realistic feel.

White space

Modern website design is heading back to minimalism with a tide of purposeful white space.

White space helps move visitors through your site pages, flowing from one element to another and it creates a visual hierarchy where no element distracts from the whole.

The breathing room white space provides allows viewers’ eyes to rest. It also aids comprehension by defining relationships between page elements.

When two elements are close together with little white space in between, human eyes will view them as one unit. On the other hand, if two elements are further apart, your eyes will view them separately.

White space allows visitors to identify your site’s hierarchy. And they use white space to find the most important information on pages, so knowing how to use white space on your website will help improve your site’s user experience.

Dark mode

Placing light-colored text, icons, and UI elements on a dark background makes web design very powerful. The dark mode is the web design trend that has dominated in 2019, and it has been trending in the better part of 2020.

Night mode is favorable because it reduces the use of light pixels, which in turn lowers the overall brightness of a screen, causing less eyestrain, and easing reading.

3D Design and Motion Effects

Three-dimensional imagery is an extension of an idea that adds depth that creates a greater sense of realism for a design. It’s a trend that we have seen a lot more in 2020.

 Text-Only Hero Images

Newspapers always put their most eye-catching, important information “above the fold” to increase sales. The website equivalent of this is at the top of a page and is called the “hero section.” A current trend to catch internet users’ attention who are bombarded by different web pages every day is removing the typical background image in the hero section and replacing it with eye-catching typography. A bold, unique font gets the user’s attention quickly.


Outlined typography is an emerging web-design trend gaining more and more acceptance in the designer community. Being distinctive in terms of typography is a unique benefit in the world of the web, especially when you have only a handful of fonts and styles to work with. You can always take inspiration from this web design no matter whether you are creating a website for a sophisticated product or a kid’s product.

Vintage-Inspired Websites

The vintage-style inspired look of the ’90s is also anticipated as a major hot look of 2020. Extensive backgrounds filled with bulky computers, cellphones, stars, and planets using hints of nostalgia gives a proper vintage feeling to the webpage. We will be seeing more web designs influenced by the television era remixing with up-to-date schemes and styles in 2020.

Minimalist Design

With the rise of portable devices like smartwatches, web design, in general, is thinking smaller. The area most affected by this is navigation, the glue that holds a website together. Over the last few years, navigation has been getting simpler and simpler to accommodate extremely small devices, and even smaller attention spans.

Minimalist navigation takes away much of the difficulty in usability. The less a user has to think about moving around, the more time they spend on the site, actually moving around instead of wondering.

Parallax Scrolling Websites

Parallax scrolling has been common in filmed games for more than 10 years, but it recently entered the web design world. The scrolling effect enables background images to move slower than images in the foreground. This cool effect is new and popular among sites loaded with content.

Those are Web Design and Development 2020 Trends

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